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Family Bonds

Homeschooling Can Be a Huge Challenge I’ll be the first to admit: homeschooling can be a huge challenge. Not only are some subjects hard to teach, but there are other struggles the homeschooling parent must work though: school-day interruptions, learning difficulties, and just plain bad attitudes. I’m sure I’ve told all of my kids at least three times that I wasn’t going to do

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Hands-On Learning

Hands-on Learning Over the past month or so, we’ve had a big family project going on. Actually, it was a big extended-family project. My mother recently purchased a house, but it needed some cosmetic work. Actually, it needed a lot of cosmetic work. Walls were taken down and new flooring and carpeting was put in; in fact, a whole new room was created from

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Long Distance Relationships

My husband is a big kid with my son. He’s the one that gets down on the floor and plays with him, will spend hours discussing the ins and outs of a video game, will wrestle with my son until they are both giggling. He is the fun parent most of the time. I can be fun too but it’s nice to have this

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