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Religions of the World

Social studies has not been a steady or main focus in our homeschooling. It’s always been pushed to the side in preference of more “fun” subjects like science or reading. However, my son asked me about world religions the other day. He made a friend whose family is Buddhist, so his interest was piqued. The main areas of review for this study unit are:

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Homeschooling: Five in a Row

If you have a child ages four to eight, you might want to consider using one of the Five in a Row books as part of your curriculum. Each book provides the homeschooling parent with ideas for teaching language arts, social studies, science, applied math, and art, all centered around good literature. There are four different volumes in the Five in a Row series.

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Homeschooling Your Third Grader

If your child is 8-9 years old, he’s probably entering the third grade. By now, he’s used to your homeschooling routine and knows what’s expected of him. In this grade, you might choose to continue with unit studies or lapbooking, or you might move more into workbooks and practice sheets. You might begin using a formal spelling or grammar book, or you might have

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Summer Homeschooling – Every Town Has a Story

While your family may be taking a break from the books this summer, they don’t need to take a break from learning. The relaxed summer schedules offer great opportunities to explore topics that you don’t have time to study during the school year. A good lesson in social studies involves learning about the town where you live. Every city has a history to explore,

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