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Spelling Bees

Nowadays it is no surprise to see homeschoolers taking part in the National Spelling Bee an sometimes winning. In the 90’s there were only a couple homeschool students participating in the National Spelling Bee each year. In 2011, 9.8% of the 275 contestants were homeschooled.  And homeschooled students have won the spelling bee four times. If your homeschooled child is interested in competitive spelling,

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Tongue Twisters

My kid’s pronunciation skills are challenged as they get older.  In an effort to help my son in particular and to have a little fun, we have started doing some tongue twisters. They help him exercise his tongue and slowly build up his diction and phonetics. Tongue twisters are a great speech therapy activity for lisps and stammers. We have been using the following

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A Charlotte Mason Companion

Charlotte Mason, an educator in England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and author of Home Education, saw children as feeling and thinking human beings with spirits that should be nourished, not just vessels to be filled with information. With this in mind, she developed a practical (and at the time, radical) method of teaching centered around the arts and good literature,

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Reading for the Fourth Grade

If you’ve read to your fourth grader since she was very small, chances are she loves to read by herself. For a fourth grader in a traditional school, reading programs usually consist of phonics and comprehension skills. At home, you can find a similar program to use, or you can simply provide your child with good books and a designated time to read them.

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Homeschooling Your Third Grader

If your child is 8-9 years old, he’s probably entering the third grade. By now, he’s used to your homeschooling routine and knows what’s expected of him. In this grade, you might choose to continue with unit studies or lapbooking, or you might move more into workbooks and practice sheets. You might begin using a formal spelling or grammar book, or you might have

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