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Lunchtime Read-Alouds

Unless we’re running a lot of errands, most days we’re home at lunchtime — one of our favorite times to read together. It’s become a fun time to share a book, especially since my children all have different bedtimes, and finding a good time to read together in the evening can be difficult. Once everyone’s lunch is ready, I pick up a longer book

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Kids Know Best! – Children’s Book Review Sites

The libraries are full of children’s books — some good, some not so good. It can sometimes be overwhelming to try to find the right books for your family. Unless you have time to peruse them all before you check out, you may (like me) find yourself at home with several books that just weren’t a good choice. But there is a better way

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Historical Fiction for the Middle Grades

No matter what your students are studying in history, consider using historical fiction as part of your curriculum. More than just dates and events, this genre of literature immerses readers in the time period, taking them on an adventure during the era they’ve just studied. If you want to supplement your curriculum for your middle grade readers (grades 5-9), here are some books you

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