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Homeschooling Support Required

Homeschooling Support Required Sometimes, when I look at homeschooling blogs online, I feel quite put to shame. Other moms have their school days meticulously scheduled with lots of great hands-on activities, all with a passel of children sitting around the table eager to learn. Or perhaps it just seems that way. The thing I have to keep reminding myself is that many posts often

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A Charlotte Mason Companion

Charlotte Mason, an educator in England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and author of Home Education, saw children as feeling and thinking human beings with spirits that should be nourished, not just vessels to be filled with information. With this in mind, she developed a practical (and at the time, radical) method of teaching centered around the arts and good literature,

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Homeschool Support Groups

One of the most important resources for any parents trying to homeschool their children is a local support group. If you’re not a part of one already, this is a good year to join. A support group is just that — an organization, either large or small, made up of homeschooling families. Although every family is different, many face the same challenges in raising

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