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Every now and then, I come across a website featuring information for homeschoolers. Some don’t really tell me anything that I don’t already know, while others have so much helpful content I could search through the site for a long time. Homeschool-Curriculum-For-Life.com is one of those sites. Created by a homeschooling mom of four in South Africa, Homeschool-Curriculum-For-Life.com offers help in areas many homeschoolers

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Homeschool Conventions

Years ago, when my sister began homeschooling, Bob Jones University offered a week-long homeschooling conference for interested parents. The conference included classes for those just beginning as well as veteran homeschoolers. Those coming from out-of-town could also bring their children along for day camp programs hosted by the university. Not only did parents learn tips and techniques, but they were able to meet and

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