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The Elitist Homeschool

Is homeschooling elitist? I would say homeschooling is not.  However, I would add some homeschooling families are. I have always thought of homeschooling as a privilege.  In our family- we feel lucky to be able to do it. We live simply so that one of us can stay home. I think this kind of sacrifice and scenario is true for a lot homeschooling families.

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Family Visits

My very traditional family is visiting in a few days and though I’m looking forward to spending time with them, I am dreading the questions as they raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes when I explain the way we have decided to parent and homeschool in our family. In order to keep up skills, we continue ‘schooling’ through the summer. Some insist on

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Being Present

The most wonderful benefit from homeschooling is really knowing who your child is and in turn them really getting to know you. This happens with time. However, it must be noted that really connecting with your child is not an instant and guaranteed outcome of being with them 24/7. Genuine connection can take place even if you only spend a couple of hours with

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