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Rory’s Story Cubes

I love yard sales; when I go to a sale, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a friend’s yard sale where I found a game that I had never seen before. It’s called Rory’s Story Cubes, and it has been a great addition to our school days! The game consists of nine dice-sized cubes;

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As the weather gets nicer and it seems to get dark later, all my son wants to do is play. It’s hard to keep him motivated, especially for his least favorite topic- writing. I found the solution in the unexpectedly fun and effective jewel of a book Unjournaling, by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston.   This book turns writing exercises from humdrum to

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Six Traits of Writing

If you are homeschooling an elementary grade or older child, the six traits of writing are a must to add to your Literature or Writing curriculum. It’s an easy to follow model to ensure that your child’s writing is gaining strength in the right areas. We are going over each slowly and one at time, building one upon the other. This writing model was

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Can You Cursive? Writing Lessons for Students

There was a lively discussion in a homeschooling yahoo list recently on wether cursive should still be taught as part of the curriculum. I read with interest because I have been debating the issue myself, especially as my 10 year old is entering a more active writing stage. Cursive writing has fallen to the wayside in society and in public schools. Schools have little

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Writing Practice like the Old Days

When we first began homeschooling, I daydreamed of the endless hours my son would spend writing his thoughts, ideas etc in a journal as I had so fervently as a child. The truth, unfortunately, is that my son could really have cared less about writing. He was adamant that he would avoid it all costs. I was lucky to come across an elderly woman

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Long Distance Relationships

My husband is a big kid with my son. He’s the one that gets down on the floor and plays with him, will spend hours discussing the ins and outs of a video game, will wrestle with my son until they are both giggling. He is the fun parent most of the time. I can be fun too but it’s nice to have this

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