Taking a Trip – Hands-on Learning

This past week, my oldest daughter had the opportunity to go traveling with relatives. As we were sorting through her clothes, I thought of how quickly the trip had come up and how easy it was for her to join in. Our flexible schedule provided enough time to get her packed and send her on the trip.

While we were preparing things to take along, I had her pack a few workbooks, reading books, and flashcards. “You’ll need to do some schoolwork while you’re gone,” I said. In my haste, I had forgotten what a hands-on learning experience a trip can be.

The plans involved traveling by car from South Carolina to Wisconsin — a 14-hour drive. During that time, my daughter kept track of the states they drove through, as well as the states represented on the license plates of the cars they passed. From the road she saw deer grazing in a field, a huge mansion, and a windmill. They stopped for breaks in cities she’s never been in before.

She spent the week in Madison, Wisconsin, visiting the capitol daily and listening in on classes in American government and the legislative process. She now understands just how a bill becomes a law, and how important it is to vote for good leaders for our nation.

She spent free time ice skating and sledding and walking through waist-deep snow — something we don’t ever see at home. On the way back, they plan to visit Chicago and the Sears Tower, as well as other sites if they have time. And she’s writing all about her adventures in a small notebook she took along.

Did my daughter need those workbooks? I’m sure she didn’t. She has learned so much this week by simply experiencing it — lessons I know she won’t soon forget.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

Photo by Cimexus

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