Taking Care of Papa

Yesterday my husband had knee surgery.  He is home now recovering. His pre-op preparations, the operation and his recovery have all been fascinating to the kids.

Taking Care of Papa

When we first found out why he was limping, my husband took our 10 year old along for the follow up doctor appointment.  During that visit they drained his knee with a needle. My son was awed.

This exposure began research in earnest to all knee related information (http://www.niams.nih.gov/Health_Info/Knee_Problems/knee_problems_ff.asp) . First, we researched what the knee looks like, what the different parts are, and possible diseases and injuries.  He looked at diagrams, videos, drawings, X-rays, etc to learn all he could.

When my husband finally had an MRI to determine the issue, my son focused on torn meniscus and missing cartilage for his research. By yesterday’s operation, he was well versed on everything related to the repair and recovery of this issue.

My husband was able to stay awake during the operation because they gave him an epidural and he was able to convince his doctor to provide pictures of the procedure.  Fodder for learning! This intimate exposure to the procedure has been extra special to our son.

As my husband sits here with his leg elevated while a machine that pumps cold pressure on his knee, I see how much this inconvenient disruption in our lives had become a learning opportunity for all of us, even our little one.

She is only two and has been able to climb up her Dad with no restrictions. Imagine her surprise when she was told that rambunctious activity had to be curved.  Her Dad’s recovery is teaching her about being gentle and patient.

As my son raves about micro fractures while his sister handles her Dad gently, I recognize how simple and joyful life can be, if we just go with the flow and learn as we go.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Earl – What I Saw 2.0

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