Taking School On the Road

I just read about the Vogels a homeschooling family with twin 11 year old boys, who travels full time on their bicycles.  They have been all throughout the Americas, pedaling currently from the tip of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the tip of Ushuaia, Argentina. They reached their destination at the end of last month, cycling a total of 17,300 Miles to the end of the world. It took them 3 years. The boys, now almost 14, hold the Guinness World Record as the youngest people to cycle the length of the Americas.

My first thought was how do they afford it?  Let’s face it, finances always play a major role in taking on an adventure or doing things unconventionally. If homeschooling has taught us anything, it is that. Years ago, I would never have imagined living on one income and still enjoy life- and more so.


So in a way, what this family has chosen as their adventure is a lot like homeschooling. It’s taking a chance to go against the grain of society, and to challenge the expectation. We may not be cycling the globe at the moment but by taking the road less traveled in our children’s education, we are on a real adventure.


A family like the Vogels teaches us many things-


– that having a dream and believing you can accomplish it is the first step.


– having the courage to step away from what is considered normal to live your dream is  rewarding


– finding out you have the determination to make every one of your dreams come true priceless


Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By jimmiehomeschoolmom

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