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If you have a youngster who loves spending time with you in the kitchen, or if you have an older child who is beginning to focus on cooking skills, the website Kids-Cooking-Activities.com is one you’ll want to visit.

This cooking site is full of information to help you involve your children in meal planning and preparation. On the homepage, you’ll find a list of reasons why you should cook with your kids, including strengthening the bonds among family members, boosting your children’s self esteem, contributing to the family, and working together as a team, as well as lessons in science, math, language arts, and creativity. An added bonus is that children are more likely to eat what they make themselves, so if you have finicky eaters, having them help out with the meals may give them the boost they need to try new things.

At Kids Cooking Activities, you’ll find easy meal ideas for children, as well as recipes from around the world. There are links for themed suppers, cooking parties, and craft recipes. Both children and adults can enter the monthly recipe contest.

And there is even more here for teachers — whether you are teaching in the classroom or at home. If you have a younger child, the “Cook and Books” button sends you to a page linking cooking activities with favorite picture books. Another page presents science experiments you can do with food, while the “Food Facts” page provides basic nutrition information on various types of foods. And if you want to add a cooking class to your home curriculum or start one with your 4-H club, this site offers lesson plans for children from preschool age all the way through age 18.

Cooking is a valuable life skill for both girls and boys, and with this site, you’ll have access to many resources to help get them started.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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