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When I first began homeschooling, a friend of mine introduced me to unit studies, lessons that center around a particular topic that include activities from across the curriculum such as reading, writing, math, social studies, science, art, music, and/or life skills. These work especially well for children in the elementary grades, and as a homeschooling parent, you can choose topics of special interest to your child. If you would like to try a unit study with your student, Teacher Created Resources (TeacherCreated.com) is a good place to start.

While the books offered by Teacher Created Resources were written with traditional classroom teachers in mind, they can easily be adapted to a homeschool setting as well. The pages are reproducible, so you have permission to copy them if you have more than one child. While there are a few group activities included, you can do these with your student or invite some friends to participate.

The unit studies, or Thematic Units, are available for science and social studies topics for students in the preschool years through 8th grade. Just click on the link on the left-hand side and you’ll find results organized by grade level and subject. Science topics include health and nutrition, the human body, inventions, weather, plants, sea animals, space, dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, and more. Social studies topics include ancient Rome, ancient China, ancient Middle East, Native Americans, the Middle Ages, the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Constitution, the Civil War, immigration, World War I, World War II, and much more.

Besides the unit studies, however, the website offers other resources as well. You’ll find links to books published by the company in geography, language arts, math, writing, and testing. Other products, such as awards, charts, stickers, notepads, and games are also available. There is even a section on the site featuring free lessons and teaching tips.

If unit studies are in your plans for the new school year, visit Teacher Created Resources and see all they offer. You might find just what you’re looking for.

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