Teaching With Picture Books

When my kids were younger, we read through hundreds of picture books. Sometimes we would snuggle up together and read the books on the sofa, and other times I would read aloud at the table as the children were eating lunch. Some picture books were just fun, while others were meant to be educational. But did you know that you can plan your lessons around a good picture book? There are several resources that do just that. Below are a few of them:


Five in a Row:  This series was created by Jane Claire Lambert for ages four to eight. The curriculum is made up of 4 manuals with lessons built around 70 different books. The lessons include activities in math, science, social studies, art, and language arts. Before Five in a Row is also available for younger children ages two to four.

Activity Books

Teaching About Winter Holidays with Favorite Picture Books by Immacula Rhodes – These lessons explore the traditions of various winter holidays including Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa using  both fiction and nonfiction picture books.

Teaching Math with Favorite Picture Books by Judy Hechtman and Sandy Grove-  The lessons in this book include hands-on activities and printables for teaching math using picture books.

Teaching Science with Favorite Picture Books by Ann Flag and Teri Ory  – This teaching resource uses 15 picture books to spark student’s interest in science. Includes easy activities and printables.


Best Children’s Books: This website was designed by three teachers who also happen to be sisters! Together, they created this resource for those who love teaching with books. Contributors now include other teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. Subject areas covered include language arts, American history, world history, science, and character education. They even have a page for books to help students learn math!

Homeschool Share: This site offers more than 25 unit studies based on classic picture books – and all of the unit studies are free! You can download and print them from your computer. Subject covered include language arts, math, and science.

What are some of your favorite picture books to use in your lessons?

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