Teaching with Songs

In homeschooling, we must be creative teachers or facilitators to help our   children achieve all they can.  In our home, that has meant using music to   teach content in the curriculum – essentially using music to promote my  children’s learning. One of the most effective ways to engage my kids in  homeschooling is with music coupled with movement.  I have based my  continuous use of this method on the results I see in my kids when we do  this type of activity- enhanced retention, higher interest in material and  improved behavior.  Some studies show expanded brain growth, greater  mathematical skill and increased intelligence with musical exposure!

The key to making this work is constant repetition and exposure.  Sing in unexpected places, for fun, not just to practice and learn. If the song is fun and catchy, children will remember it easily and if you sing along, they will be more likely to retain it.  Here are some links to song downloads and lyrics that teach for three subjects:

Language Arts

Grammar Rapper 
This song teaches students about sentences and grammar. This song gets the kids moving and is very active.
Fiddle with a Word
This song is about prefixes.


Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters 

This song teaches how to make change.
I Repeat

This is a song about patterns.

Same Shape, Same Size

This song is about geometry.


Buenas Noche

This song teaches the words for good night, bedtime and nightime.
The Spanish Alphabet Song


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