That’s Money, Honey! – Money Making Idea For Kids!

With summer right around the corner, my thirteen-year-old is anticipating his first paying job — doing lawn-care for his uncle. While he’s done odd jobs here and there for me around the house, this will be his first steady source of income, and he’s excited.

His sister (age 11) has been a little discouraged, though, as she would like to be earning money too. So we’ve been searching for some money-making ideas for her as well, and we’ve found quite a few. If you also have a young entrepreneur, here are some ideas for your family to consider:

Grow and sell vegetables: If your child loves getting his hands dirty, a vegetable garden might be the ideal business venture. Besides the regular farmer’s market, our town has a Saturday market throughout the summer where kids and adults can sell their own produce.

Car Washing: This has been a popular and successful fundraiser for school and church programs for years, and it can work well for a group of friends if you can find a good location. Ask family members, friends, or neighbors who own a business or empty lot if you can set up there for a day. Offer to pay the owner a percentage of the profits.

Pet Sitter: This is a job that even a younger child can do with only a little supervision. Her service can include feeding and watering the pet, watering plants, and picking up the mail and newspaper. Clients can include family and neighbors, or, if you’re part of a homeschool email loop, your child can advertise her services there as well.

lemonade stand

Lemonade Stand: This tried-and-true business is still a good choice. Although safety concerns prohibits children from setting up a stand by themselves, your child could still set one up when the family has a garage sale or when you’re working in the yard. Your child might even consider bringing a friend into the venture, as it’s more fun to wait for customers when you have company.

Raising animals as pets: If you’re child is a true animal lover, perhaps he could become an animal breeder. Exotic birds such as parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds can be raised at home and sold either to individuals or pet stores. If you live in the country, your child could raise rabbits, chickens, or guineas.

Summer is an ideal time for kids to investigate new business opportunities — and earn some spending money along the way!

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