The Fun Place to Learn

After almost 4 years of working at Learning Today, Inc., I realize that I’ve learned even more than the kids that use our Smart Tutor program. Yes, my math skills have improved greatly from going through each lesson during the Quality Assurance process but there is more to it. The people in this company are dedicated to children and their education. Detailed research and testing goes into each lesson and focus groups are conducted to gauge each student’s response. Everyone tries to make it entertaining and fun as well as educational. Someone is always working on a game or activity to include in the lessons. Others are thinking up scenarios and new characters to introduce content in an engaging and fun manner. Positive re-enforcement and encouragement to boost the student’s confidence are built into each lesson and students respond with enthusiasm. The upbeat environment in our lessons carries over to the work place and we act as a family supporting and encouraging our children to succeed.

My hope is that your children enjoy Smart Tutor as much as we enjoy creating each lesson.

Sally Sharp
Client Relations Specialist


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