The Involved Homeschool Family

Nothing bring a family closer than getting involved. Doing fun things like playing a board game, taking a hike, or cooking a meal together are wonderful for a family to do together, but joining in a cause firms up those familial foundations in a way that’s difficult to calculate but easy to see and feel.

The Involved Homeschool Family

Volunteering as a family sets a great example for children and ultimately helps your community. As homeschool families have the ability to do things during the day, unique opportunities to get involved can present themselves.

Kids will see giving back feels really good; satisfying and fulfilling. If volunteering begins early, it can be part if the rest of their lives.  They can learn responsibility by keeping their volunteering commitment.  They also learn about compassion and tolerance as they meet and help people of different backgrounds. Volunteering can provide job skills, reveal to parents their kids interests and strengths.

If you feel like Your family doesn’t have the time to volunteer, try rethinking some of your free time as a family. The benefits are worth it. To keep it simple, and to accommodate your family’s schedule, make it informal. For example,  making and donating gift baskets for the elderly, homeless or shelter animals  can be extremely rewarding with finite time commitment. Your involvement can be self driven and spontaneous. Something as simple as picking up garbage at a local park or waterway can be very rewarding but not all time consuming.

If formal involvement is more your style, check out opportunities on the Internet,  or call a local charity, hospital, or church directly.

A national volunteer clearinghouse like Volunteer Match ( could be just the ticket for your family to become involved!

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Chiot’s Run

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