The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet

There’s a new picture book out this fall – and I wrote and illustrated it! It’s published by Sylvan Dell Publishing, a company that combines math or science with a great story. In The Perfect Pet, a child uses animal classification to choose just the right pet.

The story begins when Mom says “yes!” to a pet. To help him decide, the child starts with the Kingdom Animalia, then narrows down the choices as he moves to the phylum, class, order, family, genus, and finally the species. With a little advice from Mom and some careful consideration, he picks his pet.

Books by Sylvan Dell are ideal for homeschooling families. At the end of each one is a section called “For Creative Minds.” This may be copied from the book or printed directly from the website so you can use it with your students. In The Perfect Pet, this section includes information about animal classification, vertebrates, and comparing and contrasting the animals in the book.

The website is also contains lots of resources for homeschoolers.  Each book includes links to crafts, quizzes, and related sites. You’ll also find a teaching activity guide full of ideas not only in science and math, but also language arts. For example, the activity guide for The Perfect Pet includes comprehension questions, writing prompts, word families, and rhyming words. There’s a sorting and classifying activity as well as an animal chart, vertebrae classes, and animal sorting cards.

The Perfect Pet is available online, and you’ll soon be able to find it in your local library as well. We might be a little partial, but it’s one of my family’s favorite new books!

What books by Sylvan Dell does your family enjoy?


Photo by Kol Tregaskes

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