The Story About Ping Craft

The Story About PingWhen I was teaching the Kindergarten class at our homeschooling co-op, we coupled reading picture books with related crafts.  One of the books we read was the classic The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack. This book tells about a little duck on the Yangtze River in China who is always the last one to return to the boat every evening. Because of this, he always receives the swat on the back. That is, until the day he is too late and misses the boat all together.

The craft we did to go along with this book was both fun and easy. It just took a little preparation beforehand.

What You’ll Need

White tube socks

Yellow dye

Orange dye or orange acrylic paint

Two rubber bands

Yellow felt


Googley Eyes

Hot glue gun (low-temp)

Before You Start the Craft

We wanted yellow ducks because Ping was yellow. I couldn’t find any at the store, so I bought white socks and dyed them yellow at home. (I used Rit dye. You can purchase it at Wal-Mart on the laundry detergent aisle). You could forgo the dye and just have white ducks.

The duck will need an orange beak, so I opted to do this with dye as well. (When coloring it, I just let the end of the sock opening sit in the dye solution). If you don’t want to dye it, you could have your child paint this section with orange acrylic paint.

Cut two wings for your duck from the yellow felt. You could also use white felt if your child is making a white duck. If your child is old enough, she can cut the wings out herself.

Putting it together

First, stuff the sock. You can make it as thin or as full as you’d like. Stuff the sock all the way up to where the ribbing comes in near the opening. Tie off this part of the sock with a rubber band. That’s the duck’s body.

Stuff the ribbed part. This will be the head, so you want it to appear rounded. Leave some room near the opening of the sock for the beak. If you’ve dyed that part orange, you’ll know just where to stop. After you’ve stuffed the head, tie it off with a rubber band.

If you didn’t dye the beak orange, you can paint it now with acrylic paints. When the paint is dry, make a cut on each side of the beak about an inch long. Now it looks more like a beak. 🙂

Add the wings and googley eyes with the low-temp glue gun.

That’s it! Your child now has her very own Ping!

Photo by MrSchuReads

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