The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

The Ultimate Guide to HomeschoolingWritten by Debra Bell, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling is a great resource for both new and veteran homeschoolers. Full of valuable information, this book covers everything from choosing your curriculum to homeschooling high school students to preventing burnout.

The first part of the book addresses the question of whether or not homeschooling is the right choice for your family. Not only are the advantages explored, but the disadvantages as well, with an additional section discussing the challenges for single parents who support the family as well as parents with children with special needs. And for those families whose income needs require both parents to work, a section about the benefits of a home business is also included.

The subject-by-subject guidelines may prove to be one of the most useful if you’re currently homeschooling. In this section, the author breaks the subjects down into the primary years (preschool through second grade), the elementary years (third through sixth grade), and the secondary years (junior high through high school). She discusses the goals for each subject as well as how to reach them.

Debra Bell also included a section about using library resources, a must for any homeschooler. While many homeschoolers want to incorporate good literature in their curriculum, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. The author makes this easier by including a list of more than 150 books found at your library to use for art, history, geography, science, math, language arts, and music, with the grade range indicated for each.

In each section throughout the book, you’ll find recommendations for other resources. The end of the book also contains sections about homeschooling organizations and publications as well as products and suppliers. With all that it offers, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling will not only get you started homeschooling, but it will help you keep going.

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