The Why Phase

My children bombard me with questions all day. Why this, why that. They love seeking out answers to anything and everything.

The Why Phase

I think asking these questions helps them feel in control and independent. The amount of questions can be overwhelming.  And most times I don’t have the answers.  I do try and answer what I can as simply as I can.

I am not afraid to say I don’t know the answer. When I don’t know, it’s an opportunity to research stuff together.

Sometimes I will turn the question around on them.  I will ask them what they think the answer is and the answers I get are just precious sometimes.  Their imaginations are grand and its great to see them expand it. Asking them to think about what the answer could be helps them come up with alternative possibilities.

This is how they learn. Parents can feel exhausted and irritated. I know one mom who actually has a q&a session everyday.  It’s a time for the kids to ask anything they want. This allows a time to talk in depth and answer questions without interruptions or distractions. It seems to work for them. It makes her less stressed out.

Another family has a discussion  time ritual when they discuss anything and everything to satisfy the kids avid curiosity.

Setting up and allowing these interactions will set up an easier communication with kids as they enter teenage years.

Get the answers to the questions they ask here!

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