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This year at our homeschool co-op, I’m teaching a class in creative writing using the WriteShop first year program. The curriculum is very well laid out; I have really enjoyed using the program with the co-op students and can’t wait to teach it to my own daughter next year. While I thought I had all WriteShop offered when I purchased the Instructor’s Manual, Student Manual, and Co-op Teacher’s Manual, I recently found out I was wrong. That’s because I recently discovered the WriteShop blog (

Entitled “In Our Write Minds,” the blog is written primarily by Kim Kautzer, one of the creators of the WriteShop program. And it’s brimming with writing ideas, tips, and activities for any age. Simply browse the archives for topics you are interested in. Do you have elementary students? You’ll discover ways to introduce the different genres of writing, change busywork into enhanced learning activities, and build a strong reading foundation. Are your children in middle school? Find out how to encourage the reluctant writer, how to incorporate writing into your school day, and how to teach your students to self-edit. There are tips for older students as well, including how to choose a writing curriculum and how to help your high-schooler with writing.

And there’s more. You’ll find word banks, seasonal writing activities, fun poetry ideas, and encouraging articles. There are also tips for incorporating writing across the curriculum. Links on the right-hand side will direct you to other great writing sites including one for writing prompts, another for writing letters, and yet another featuring writing contests for kids.

At “In Our Write Minds,” you’re sure to find a lot of valuable information about writing you can apply with your students, no matter what curriculum you use. So start them writing — and enjoying it!

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