Toddlers and Real Life Skills

There is always that newbie question that is asked on networking sites or forums dedicated to homeschool discussion: I want to start homeschooling my 3 year old but is it too soon?

Veteran homeschoolers know learning happens everyday. As a parent, you just need to set the stage.  Create an environment that encourages exploration and self-paced learning and you cannot go wrong.


For toddlers it’s beneficial to help and guide them to learn basic real life skills by providing access and modeling behavior. Potty training is one of these but not the way you would think. It comes down to accessibility.  Think independent- how can you set things up in your home in a way that will encourage your toddler to take the bull by the horns?


In our home, there are lots of sturdy stools so my daughter can reach the counter, the sink, the surface of the table, the child sized toilet seat, her toy shelf and her hanging clothes.


There is a short cabinet dedicated to her snacks and juice boxes, so it’s within her grasp when she wants.  The fridge also has a shelf of goodies for her.  This, for example helps her regulate her own hunger and thirst. In the kitchen, she will ‘help’ cook by stirring mixtures in bowls or by pouring water or milk into different containers.


All this access and working on tasks together encourages her to be independent, shows her she’s capable, ensures she gets practice to master these skills and makes her feel like an important contributor to our home.


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Article By Nuria Almeida

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