Top Ten Reasons Why I Homeschool Revisited

Why I Homeschool

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In March of 2009, I wrote a post about the top ten reasons why I homeschool. That was five years ago, when my children were in grades K-4, 2, 4, and 7. Today they’re in grades 4, 7, 9, and 12.  I thought I’d revisit those reasons and see if anything’s changed.

Homeschooling puts my children’s character education back in my hands.

This is still just as true today as it was then. Even though my children are older, there are still character issues we need to work on. And being home with my children all day sometimes brings out those issues in me as well. :/

Homeschooling allows my children to enjoy being children without having to respond to pressures that only adults should face.

This one is still true, even though my kids are older now. There is still so much going on in the schools that they shouldn’t have to deal with. There will be time for that when they’re grown.

Because I choose the curriculum and books we use, I know just what they’re reading and from what point of view.

This has changed a little since we joined a co-op. They take literature and science classes at the co-op, and I don’t have time to read through everything anymore. But I know their teachers personally, and I know we share the same values.

I can tailor their lessons towards their individual learning styles. I’ve found what works for one child often doesn’t work for another.

Sorry, kiddos. I’m not tailoring the lessons much anymore except for my fourth-grader. The older ones are taking classes like math and science at our co-op, and they just get what they get. But that’s okay. They’re learning study and test-taking skills that they’ll need in college anyway. And because I was able to tailor the lessons when they were little, they were able to learn, and they can do the harder lessons now.

When we work hard at the schoolwork, we’re usually able to finish most of it before lunchtime. This leaves more time to explore subjects the kids are really interested in.

These days, it’s only my fourth-grader who finishes before lunch. But we still have the extra time to pursue other interests. The older kids space out their schoolwork, doing some some of it in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some at night, depending on what else is going on that day.

The shorter school days allow more time for extra activities.

Still true! My kids still participate in music lessons, boy scouts, gymnastics, and volunteer activities, and my oldest works a couple of part-time jobs. And there’s still time to spare!

On the days we’re home, the kids have more time for play and creativity.

This one’s true too, although it’s really just my youngest who spends a lot of time playing. He’s a happy camper when he can talk someone into playing Legos with him. And my girls still spend time drawing and making crafts.

I know my children’s friends and who they hang out with. I know their friends’ parents and siblings well.

Yes! Even with two in high school, I still know most all of their friends. Many of them attend our co-op. I’ve taught elementary through high school classes there, so I know the people they hang out with. My oldest does have some friends from work and youth group that I don’t know personally, but he tells me all about them without me even asking him. Because I know his character (see #1), I’m confident they’re good kids too.

I love how homeschooling has affected the relationships within the family. All four of my children are very close to each other, even though there are seven and a half years between the oldest and the youngest.

Well, with age has come not always wisdom, but sometimes a lot of bickering and disagreements. I want to say hormones must be involved. But even though the kids argue and tease (we’re still working on that character development, after all), I believe they are much closer than they would be if they all went to school. Being together at home forces them to learn to get along, even when they don’t want to. And there are still those golden moments (or hours, even) when they laugh, joke, play, hang out, and just enjoy each other’s company. And someday those hormones have to level out.

I love to learn! Every day I’m learning something new right along with my children. If they can keep a love of learning into adulthood, then I did my job well.

I still love to learn, and though the older three work on their own assignments individually, we still learn other stuff together. We enjoy exploring new places, and we still share cool things we hear about. And though they don’t all love learning math, they all have found subjects they like to pursue.

What are some of your reasons for homeschooling?

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