Trip Planning

We are going to be attending a conference next month in another state.  Since the plan is to drive there and back, we started to plan for the trip a while back and involved our ten year old in the planning.

Trip Planning

Since we plan to do a couple of these a year, we want to make sure we make it great this time so we can look forward to the next.

We have had a couple of family meetings to talk about the upcoming trip. Its gets us on the same page and everyone walks away with a task, such as planning the best route, confirming any hotel reservations, stake out places to stop along the way, determine places to take snack breaks, figuring out what to pack and any tourist destinations that would be easy to stop at. Other practical tasks included placing important things like tissues, hand sanitizer, snacks, and diapers, in the car to prepare for the long ride.  within reach.

We also asked our son to go online to pick out games and movies to download onto the two tablets for he and his sister to enjoy on the ride. He also checked and tracked the weather, and any planned construction along the way to keep our route on track.

He also had a hand in all the shopping for food, clothing, extra batteries etc. So far, we expect a great trip because he’s so invested, his cooperation is going to make all the difference.

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