As the weather gets nicer and it seems to get dark later, all my son wants to do is play. It’s hard to keep him motivated, especially for his least favorite topic- writing.

I found the solution in the unexpectedly fun and effective jewel of a book Unjournaling, by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston.


This book turns writing exercises from humdrum to and fun. As the book suggests we began our first exercise at the beginning of our week, with the hope of accomplishing all the suggested prompts in one week, for full effect.


The first instruction was to write a paragraph about a girl named Dot, without using any letters with dots in 15 minutes. It took us sometime to figure it out but finally he got started. I think it would be a fun exercise to do in a group but this was just as fun, as his story had us rolling.


The next day’s instruction prompted him to subliminally encourage people to buy a car for a car company. Every word had to have the smaller word of car in it, like scar, carton, etc. Each word he used in his message would earn him an imaginary $10. He loved this one!


Every day it got better and in one weeks’ time, we had more writing samples of his own creation than we had as proof for months of trying. Finally, he chose one piece of his writing this week to polish and submit it to a local kids’ newspaper.


Get the book at your library or purchase it here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Alexandratx

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  1. What a great idea! My youngest is 7 and he does NOT like to write. He struggles with handwriting (he would much rather type than print, lol). He greatly dislikes copy work, and I don’t blame him….it does get kinda boring. When I try to prompt him to write something creatively, he wants to write as little as possible to just get done and get up. This sounds like so much fun! I think even my 12 year old would enjoy it.

    Thanks for posting the link to the Amazon store. With my Amazon Prime account, that’s the site I tend to turn to when I’m looking for suggested books. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,
    Homeschooling mom, loving how much fun my boys are having (and the vocabulary they are building!) playing vocabulary games.

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