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When we are doing research on topics, we usually turn to the Internet. As much as we try to narrow it down, there is such a plethora of information, it can be discouraging and overwhelming.

Usbourne Quicklinks

We recently found out about Usbourne Quicklinks. There are many non fiction options- almost every subject.  What makes these books special is that after reading an internet-linked book, you can visit their website, enter the title of the book and a page number, and find links to approved and safe internet resources regarding the specific page in the book.


They offer three 400 page encyclopedias in internet linked form.


We just purchased the Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia.  It covers physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, astronomy, information technology among others. It’s a  beautifully rendered resource with breathtaking color photographs.


With one thousand recommended websites where you can find further information on any subject that catches your interest, its the ultimate resource.


The links include videos, audio files and images. Since its all been set up with children in mind, the links are safe and age appropriate.


For half the price, you can get one hardcover bind-up of all eight titles ( I wish we had known that – it’s a great deal.  Individual titles you can choose from include:


-Animal World

-Earth and Space

-Energy, Forces, and Motion

-Human Body

-Light, Sound, and Electricity Materials -Mixtures and Compounds -World of Plants


My son has been avidly reading different parts of the encyclopedia and once in a while I see him supplement his reading on his tablet by going to Quicklinks, typing in the page and clicking here and there to see, hear or read more.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By Robert Thomson

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