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With more free time during the summer, my rising 6th grader has been looking for a hobby. I’ve mentioned several to her, but none have seemed to interest her yet. This has led us to search for even more ideas, as we hope to find her “niche.”

If you’re child is coming to you saying, “What can I do?” consider getting her started with a new hobby. Some ideas you might want to try are:

Reading: If your child enjoys reading, search your library or bookstore for a new series she might enjoy. Our favorites include Junie B. Jones, The Boxcar Children, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series, and Hank the Cowdog.

Keeping a Nature Journal: With just a spiral drawing notebook and a pencil, your child can enjoy learning about nature and the outdoors. Have him carefully observe and sketch the things he finds, such as animals, trees, rocks, or landscapes. He can also include notes about his discoveries, as well as favorite poems or saying.

Cartooning: Many children love to draw cartoons, and they can have a lot of fun creating their own characters. Find some books about drawing cartoons at your library to get them started.

Scrapbooking: If you have extra photos your child can use, consider starting her in scrapbooking. You can find ideas for creative pages online or in books. You might work on scrapbooks together, or, once she has the knack for it, let her complete the scrapbooks for you.

Card and Magic Tricks: When my son was small, we went to see a magician perform at our library, and for the next few years he was hooked. We checked out magic books from the library and bought him magic sets for his birthday and Christmas, and he became quite good. Once your child masters a few tricks, he’ll be able to amaze his friends and younger siblings too.

Cake Decorating: Often craft stores will offer cake decorating classes for kids or adults. If you can’t find a class, find a book or two with simple instructions.

Cooking or Baking: Look for easy recipes online or in cookbooks that your child can follow. Work with him on making the dishes. By the end of the summer, he’ll probably be able to make them on his own, even cooking supper for you!

With so many possibilities, there’s sure to be a hobby that’s just the right “fit” for your child. I know we’ll find one that’s a good fit for my daughter, too.

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