What Does a Typical Homeschool Day Look Like?

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Once in a long while, my husband will come home from work, look around at a messy house, and brave the question, “What did you do all day?” It’s at those times I shoot him a less-than-loving look and mumble something under my breath. Then I go into a lengthy explanation (much more than he wanted to know) of what our homeschool day was like.

No Two Homeschool Days are Ever Alike.

For my family, no two homeschool days are ever alike. Some families have a much more regulated schedule, where school work fills a certain number of hours; we follow a more general time frame for getting done what needs to be done. I’ve found that our best hours for learning are the morning, so for the most part, that’s when everyone is hard at work. Our mornings usually follow this routine:

1. Everyone up, do a few morning chores, eat breakfast, and get dressed

2. Work on School – I start our homeschool day by working with my youngest who’s in the 4th grade. Some days go very smoothly, while other days the lessons seem to take twice (or three times) as long as they should. Sometimes he’s ready to concentrate; other times, he’ll wine and fuss about the work.

At some point we finish, and I give him his assignments that he can do on his own. I then check on my 7th and 9th graders who hopefully have been working very diligently. I help them out if they need it, either with math problems, grammar, music, or co-op assignments. I then go back and check the work my 4th grader’s been doing. I also check up on my senior and the assignments he’s working on.

3. If we have a great day, the 4th grader is usually done by lunchtime, but most of the time he has a little more to do. The older ones always have more work to complete after lunch. But there are also appointments to keep, errands to run, and lessons to attend, so many afternoons are spent running kids around. Almost every day there’s somewhere that someone needs to be.

4. When we get back home, the kids do a little more schoolwork, and suddenly it’s time to get supper ready. The laundry may not be done, the floor vacuumed, or the house as clean as it should be. Which could beg the question, what did I do all day?

I worked hard as a homeschooling mom.

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