When to Start Ballet Classes

My little one just loves to dance and perform.  She especially likes ballet. An in- law commented we should enroll her in ballet as soon as possible. Not wanting to dismiss their suggestion, I did some research on when it would be best to make it official. Here is what I learned:

BaWhen to Start Ballet Classes

First, there is no need to rush it. Formal ballet training should be introduced at the age of eight and not earlier.  Some great ballet dancers didn’t begin formal training until the age of twelve.

Any earlier and formal training could be detrimental. Very young children have bones that are too soft for demanding ballet.

If you feel you must enroll your little dancer in some sort of class, there are movement and pre-ballet classes you can choose.  These ate usually offered to ages four thru eight. These classes are relaxed and simple for short attention spans. They also tend to focus on general movement as opposed to the strict tenets of ballet technique.

Participating children ate encouraged to move ad dance as they feel the music. Pre-ballet classes sometimes offer  introduction to the basic five positions of ballet and proper posture.

Many dance schools offer creative movement classes for very young children. These also offer a good introduction to ballet.  Children explore movement through music. In these classed dance is aligned with emotions or feelings. This also helps kids develop and use their imagination while dancing.

For more on creative movement and ballet, click here (http://www.maratdaukayev.com/_subPages/cm.html).

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