Winter Homeschool Activities

During the cold months, homeschooling can get dreary- not being able to go outside as often can even bring about the blues.  My son starts acting up, going stir crazy.

Here are some fun and time consuming winter homeschool activities for those long days indoor:


Harmonizing to real Christmas carols (one singing the melody and the other the harmony) makes great memories of singing together.

-Gingerbread Houses

Not easy and very messy but so much fun. See great gingerbread house recipes at Babble.

-Large Lego Creations

Chances are you probably have hundreds of Lego pieces at home. If you use them all together, you can make some wonderful Lego models.  For inspiration, check out this Lego examples from artist Hayao Miyazaki.

-Unit Study Play Dates

going stir crazy means my son has a hard time listening and paying attention. That instantly changes when he’s got a friend or two to accompany him.Our homeschool group offers unit study partnerships for those of us who want some company to make time fly.

-Go see a Play!

Look up the schedule of plays from your local Play House- there are usually a lot of great prices for plays that tend to be not well attended.

-Take a tour!

Your local fire department, police station, manufacturing plant, or capital building can be both educational and fun.

-Go to the Movies!

Matinees are a good deal and the theaters are usually empty during the day.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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