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Having a great vocabulary is a social indicator of a good education, so it’s no wonder homeschool parents in particular highlight the importance of it to their children. Up until recently, we relied on the good old dictionary to learn. This is not my son’s favorite activity. Luckily for us, it is now much more interesting for children to expand their vocabulary.

Word Dynamo is an online and mobile game developed by the widely used Dictionary.com that is also a learning experience that helps students perfect study techniques.

Because it is engaging, easy to use, very entertaining and caters to how children learn nowadays – via digital devices mostly- it is a hit!

Not only do users improve their vocabulary; they will also see higher test scores and an overall improvement to other aspects of their education.

This is how it works: Word Dynamo is an assessment that works as a game. It first provides an estimate of the player’s current vocabulary size and skill level based on  Dictionary.com’s Word Difficulty Index.  The WDI maps each word to a level of difficulty. The game then sets up twenty levels of skill-building word games,memory games, practice sessions, and timed quizzes. Users can track their personal learning level and monitor progress.  Users can also create their own word lists to learn. There are also approximately 100,000 study guides created and recommended by teaching subject matter experts.

Word Dynamo is free online and will eventually be available on mobile devices and tablets.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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