Work Those Brains! – Worksheets for the Elementary Grades

Often, children who don’t work on any academics during the summer will forget some of what they learned the previous year. Time is spent in the fall, then, reviewing what was covered in the spring instead of moving on. Textbook companies know this, so many math and grammar books only contain review material for the first several chapters.

While you may choose to continue schooling through the summer with regular lessons, another option would be to re-introduce concepts now and then between playdates, traveling, and summer projects. While you could purchase workbooks to keep the lessons fresh, you might find it easier just to print off worksheets from the Internet. For just about any subject, you can find websites with free printables, especially for the younger grades. Here are a few to try:

  • – I visited this site quite a bit during the school year as well. Featuring free worksheets for students in preschool through the fifth grade, this site is both easy to read and easy to navigate, and new printables are added every month.
  • – This site is also very easy to go through, as pages are divided into categories featuring both grade levels and subject matter. One of our favorite activities for learning letters and letter sounds was the Itsy Bitsy Letter Books found in the Kindergarten section.
  • – This site has been around for a while, and we’ve enjoyed it for years. Though it requires a yearly subscription to access all of its thousands of worksheets, many of them can be downloaded for free.

For children who have been out of “school” for a while, educational worksheets are not only a good way to sharpen those skills, but they can also be a fun change of pace.

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