Writing Practice like the Old Days

When we first began homeschooling, I daydreamed of the endless hours my son would spend writing his thoughts, ideas etc in a journal as I had so fervently as a child.

The truth, unfortunately, is that my son could really have cared less about writing. He was adamant that he would avoid it all costs.

I was lucky to come across an elderly woman who shared with me the way her parents taught her how to write. They were very poor,she said, so paper was a luxury not to be wasted on practice. So her mother would put salt in a cookie sheet so she could practice her letters. Later, her mother worked in a shaving cream factory so she would bring that home and they would use that on the cookie sheet. As they say, necessity is the mother if invention.

I tried these clever ideas on my son and he actually wrote!  It worked and it was fun. Over time we have also used whipped cream, sand, melted butter- you name it!

My son is nine years old now so his writing is more easily accomplished.  I know that the cookie sheet practice really helped because his script writing now is so fluid and neat on the paper.  Its as though he is still writing on salt or shaving cream, making writing still fun.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By lowjumpingfrog

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