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We recently started reading the second installment of Eragon. A boy, a quest, a dragon, swords, fighting, courage etc. It is, so far, a great ride we are both enjoying tremendously.  As we do with most of our favorite books, I encourage that we do some research on the author, to learn about her or his vision, and find out what other books the author has written that we may also enjoy.

The Eragon Triogy was written by Christopher Paolini. We checked his online page (http://www.alagaesia.com/christopherpaolini.htm) and were surprised to find out he was homeschooled his whole life! It was also very interesting to read about how his family banded together to help publish the book. A great example of teamwork and the homeschooling process of immersing in a project.

The look on my son’s face when he read this was priceless. It’s a great feeling of encouragement and validation to hear that a homeschooler accomplished something extra- ordinary.

Since we found this little tidbit out, I have been regaled with all of my son’s great story ideas. I love hearing them and suggested we can start an idea book for them so they won’t fall victim to memory loss.

Though he knows what it’s like to see his writing in print (the Circle Gazette printed one of his poems), writing a book is another thing entirely. So I suggested we search for publications written by children so he can try his hand at submitting a short story to eventually build on.

He is in his room, as I write this, writing furiously.

Here are some publications written by children:

The Circle Gazette

Stonesoup Magazine

Creative Kids

Open Directory Project for Kids

Article By Nuria Almeida

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Homeschooling Reading Curriculum by SmartTutor.com

Story Time – Stories for Kids

Homeschooling Reading Curriculum by SmartTutor.com

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