Yahoo Groups for Homeschoolers

Yahoo Groups

If you haven’t discovered Yahoo groups yet, you’re in for a treat. Yahoo groups can be a great online resource for homeschooling tips, advice, books, and more.

To join a group, go to and look for the “Groups” button. If you don’t see it right away, click on “View Yahoo Sites.”

You’ll be directed to the Groups page, where you’ll see a field that says “Find a Yahoo Group!” You can type in a specific group name or just a keyword. When you see a group you want to join, click on it and follow the directions for joining the group. Some groups you can join right away; some you can join after your request has been approved.

You can receive the posts from the group in several different ways, either as individual emails or arranged together in one email. Or you might just visit the group site to read the posts. Whichever way you decide, you’ll find the preference box under the button entitled “Edit Membership.”

Below is a list of some groups you might consider:


This group is for both new and veteran homeschoolers who make lapbooking part of their curriculum. Here you’ll find ideas and tips for creating lapbooks.

Homeschool Form Share

Originally begun to share homeschooling forms and printables, this group also welcomes questions and advice regarding all homeschooling topics.

A Homeschool Review

A homeschooling support group offering advice on curriculum, teaching methods, or any other homeschooling topic

Homeschooling Special Needs Kidz

A support group for those homeschooling a special needs child (preschool to age 19)


This group is designed for homeschooling parents of high school students who are preparing to go on to college.

Bob Jones Curriculum, Used Homeschool Books, and Homeschool Fleamail: These groups are for those wanting to buy or sell used homeschool curriculum.

If you want to search for additional groups, simply type in “Homeschooling” or “Homeschool” in the search field for more results. You can also use the name of your city or state to see if there are some groups just for your local area. Try a group for a while — you can always discontinue your membership if it’s not right for you. But chances are, you’ll find one that is.

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