Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

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One of the perks of being in a traditional school is having the year recorded in a yearbook. I still have mine even from elementary school; it’s fun to look back through all those years and reminisce.

Did you know homeschoolers can have a yearbook too? Ever since my oldest was in third grade, all of my children have been pictured in one. The nice thing about homeschool yearbooks – they can include preschoolers too!

Co-op Yearbooks

These days we are part of a homeschooling co-op, so the co-op puts out an annual yearbook. One of the moms is in charge of putting it together. There’s a “picture day” when everyone gets their photo taken, and a makeup day as well.

Because it’s such a big job, the yearbook mom teaches a “yearbook class”. Students in the class take photos of events and classroom activities throughout the year. Each student is also assigned several co-op families to work with. The students are responsible for sending the families reminders and updates.

Community Yearbooks

But what if you’re not involved in a co-op? For many years, we were also on our own. That’s when my kids were part of an area-wide homeschool yearbook. This yearbook was organized by several moms, and any homeschooler in the area could be part of it. One mom who was a photographer took all the photos; she arranged “picture days” at a local church, and time slots for photos were assigned. Other moms was in charge of collecting extra photos from families that depicted the students in sports, clubs, and other activities. Still other moms put those pages together.

Yearbook Companies

With all the advances with the Internet and technology, there are lots of different ways to publish a yearbook these days. Our co-op sends them to a regular printer and has them spiral-bound, but there are many online printing companies you can try. The yearbooks are print-on-demand, which means you only pay for the ones you want. Here are a few companies to check out to get you started:

Has your homeschool community created a yearbook? What method did they use?

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