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Firefly Unit Study

You know it’s finally summer when you see fireflies start to light up the night. Every year, my kids (no matter how old) still try to catch them, always being careful and letting them go again. Here are a few fun facts about fireflies: Fireflies are actually beetles. There are about 2,000 species of fireflies. Each species has a unique flash pattern. Fireflies only live for

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All About Bones

Whether your child is learning about animals or his own body, a study of bones is a good place to start. And you can find the supplies you need in your local grocery store – or your very own kitchen! What You’ll Need Disposable Pan Bleach Whole Chicken from the Grocery Store Tape Construction Paper Picture of a human skeleton Picture of a chicken’s

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Nature Questions

This summer, we have had two different types of birds visiting our front porch. Each chose a different corner of the porch to build a nest – a good safe place out of harm’s way. Or so we thought. Birds #1 The first pair of parents were Carolina Wrens. They build a more enclosed nest, so we couldn’t see the hatchlings very well. But

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Homeschooling Parents | Share Your Skills

About this time of year, many homeschoolers are beginning to plan for summer studies or the next school year. Our co-op is already beginning to form the 2010-2011 class schedules based on student interest and teacher availability. As you decide the subjects you want your children to study, you might consider sharing your own skills with others – and allowing them to share with

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Homeschooling the Fourth Grade

Your nine- or ten-year-old is ready to enter the fourth grade. If you’re following the classical model of homeschooling, your child is still in the grammar stage, a time when memorization of poetry, historical dates, math facts, and grammar rules is encouraged. But what else does she need to know? You can check with your state’s fourth grade standards online, or you could follow

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Homeschooling: Five in a Row

If you have a child ages four to eight, you might want to consider using one of the Five in a Row books as part of your curriculum. Each book provides the homeschooling parent with ideas for teaching language arts, social studies, science, applied math, and art, all centered around good literature. There are four different volumes in the Five in a Row series.

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