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Firefly Unit Study

You know it’s finally summer when you see fireflies start to light up the night. Every year, my kids (no matter how old) still try to catch them, always being careful and letting them go again. Here are a few fun facts about fireflies: Fireflies are actually beetles. There are about 2,000 species of fireflies. Each species has a unique flash pattern. Fireflies only live for

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Bug Out With These Homeschool Ideas

During Memorial Day weekend, we gathered with extended family for our annual holiday/camping/family reunion in the mountains of Tennessee. While walking across one of the fields on Saturday, a group of us came across a very ugly insect struggling in the grass as it was molting. The weekend was full of other insect discoveries, as the children caught fireflies, moths, grasshoppers, and more, making

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Peterson Field Guides to Supplement Your Science Curriculum

If you haven’t yet used the Peterson Field Guides to supplement your science curriculum, you’re in for a treat. This series, founded by Roger Tory Peterson, is a valuable resource for students interested in learning about nature. What’s more, they’re available in formats for readers from fourth grade through adult. The field guides cover everything from plants and ecology to the seashore to insects,

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